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Miiraku and Kentoshi Envoy History and Sightseeing Information

万葉シアターCurrently, the theater is out of order and cannot be screened.
Please understand.

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The deep history of Miiraku-cho (including the Kentoshi Envoy and Manyo Poems) are available on original video software with historical references of Miiraku. Title includes “The Tale of the Kentoshi Envoys” and “Ikishi Araora (The Story of Brave men)”, both of which are set in Miiraku in the Manyo era. Please come enjoy rhythmic doll animation and Manyo Poem Fantasia painstakingly made from paper-cutout picture scrolls. Your gateway to ancient Miiraku.

Showing time:about 28 minutes
Currently, the theater is out of order and cannot be screened.
Please understand.

First showing:10am Final showing: 4pm
General admission:Adult 310 yen, Children 210 yen
Group admission (up to 15 people):Adult 260 yen, Children 150 yen

Manyo Poem Fantasia painstakingly made from paper-cutout picture scrolls invites you to ancient Miiraku.

The Manyoshu Poetry tells us about the lifestyle of people in Manyo era and their culture and custom. Miiraku was described in The Song of Hakusuiro in Chikuzen Shiga, where there appeared a historical story of a mariner named “Hakusuiro no Arao”. And The Song of Hakusuiro in Chikuzen Shiga was made into a fantastic paper-cut story so that you can feel the spirit of Manyo people. On three screens, this fantastic film story is shown. Reflecting upon the fragile innocence of the Manyo people and their kindness yet unknown to mankind, at times with burning passion, and the essence of the Japanese people you cannot look away once you enter the world of the Manyo.

This story is inspired by The Song of Hakusuiro in Chikuzen Shiga in the Manyoshu Poetry and is a fiction of Yamanoueno Okura, a poet,
who made the poem in the story.

The last port of call for the Kentoshi Envoys ships
A Warm Message from Miiraku-cho

While overcoming various hardships, from nation-building Japan to foreign countries abroad traveling with “Dreams, Hope and Courage” personified the Kentoshi Envoys.
The Tale of Kentoshi Envoys is based on a historical fact that Kentoshi envoys set out for their journey at Kashiwazaki, Miiraku, with hope and sentiment.
A life-sized robot modeled after the Missionary Priest Kukai, who was a member of Kentoshi himself and went through hardship during the journey, speaks to audience directly as a narrator.
This drama attempts to show what great influence these Envoys had on Japanese history.
These Envoys, who kept traveling risking their lives, had a long lasting history of over 260 years.

Miiraku people and the Kentoshi envoys showed on the big screen are sometimes comical, and other time, serious, telling the story with various expressions. You will be delighted to see the story of the Envoys’ journey.