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Nagasaki Prefecture Goto City Miiraku-cho Michi-no-eki Kentoshi Furusato Hall



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We invite you to witness the exciting and thrilling Kentoshi Envoys and People of Miiraku displayed on the big screen. Please have a relaxing stay while soaking in the atmosphere and culture of the Goto islands of Nagasaki Prefecture.

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The deep history of Miiraku-cho (including the Kentoshi Envoy and Manyo Poems) are available on original video software with historical references of Miiraku. Title includes “The Tale of the Kentoshi Envoys” and “Ikishi Araora (The Story of Brave men)”, both of which are set in Miiraku in the Manyo era. Please come enjoy rhythmic doll animation and Manyo Poem Fantasia painstakingly made from paper-cutout picture scrolls.
Your gateway to ancient Miiraku.